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    Every time I’m on a hike or walk, I come back with pockets full of “treasures” from nature. To me each pine cone, shell, or acorn have unique details and even personalities. Over the years living in Maine, I’ve amassed quite a collection!



    I invite you to preserve memories of perfect Maine summers with this ornament. Add this shell as a beautiful touch to your holiday tree, living room, or wreath. It also makes a meaningful gift for a nature lover.


    This Mussel Shell is of a real size, measuring 3.5"-4" in height. It's made with 7 colors and wool blends from locally sourced sheep wool. The realistic-looking texture is achieved with various needle felting techniques. Comes on a durable hemp cord in a natural color.


    Cover photo: by Winky Lewis



    Maine Mussel Shell Ornament

    SKU: 00003
    • Spot clean with warm soapy water and air dry.

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