Many Fuzzy Lovies in this gallery are limited edition designs and custom orders. If any of the items caught your eye and you're unable to find them in the on-line store on the website or Etsy, email Mia to for a custom order.


Grizzly Bear
Antarctica and Arctic Play
A Kitten, Mouse and Bowl of Milk
Bunny from an Upcycled Wool Sweater
Fox Mask
Panda Bear
Beehive & Bees
Koala bear on driftwood
Bird and chicks in a nest
Bird's nest

Conversation Pieces

Pancake Breakfast
Bread, Butter & Jam
Protein+Carb+Fruit=Nutritious Meal
A Healthy Breakfast
The Leaning Tower of Donuts
For Bread Lovers
A Slice of Maine Blueberry Pie
A World Full of Unicorns
Guilt-Free Petite Fours
A Big Heart
You're an Apple of My Eye
Egg Overload
How do you keep a bagel from getting away? Put lox on it.
All I said was... "Keep your sunny side up!"

Fruits and Veggies

An Onion Bulb in a Mason Jar
Two essential vitamins: 🍊 ☀️
Cherry Season
You're My Sweat Pea
Plum comparison
One raddish, two raddishes, three...
Fruit Bingo
The Good Kind of Fat
But where is a banana bread?
One apple a day
To-meit-tous or To-mah-toes?
Bowl of Nutrition
Got Vitamin A?
Maine Potatoes


"XO" sets
"Bunny Family" Wreath
"Carrot" Wreath
Wreath "Easter Egg Hunt"
East Egg Ornaments
Merino Wool Carrots
Easter Bunny
Russian Easter Eggs "Khohloma"
A Spider Decoration for a Front Door
Pine Cone Ornament
Ball Ornament "Maine Lupines"
Ball Ornament "White Mistletoes"
Ball Ornament "Winter Berries"
Scandinavian Santa Ornament
Angel Ornament

Home Decor

Mobile on driftwood "Beehive and Bees"
Wool Stuffies "Pumpkins"
Felted Hearts
Pumpkins in Whimsical Colors
Acorn Napkin Holders
Maine Shells
Acorn Napkin Holders for Weddings
White is the new orange…or at least it is for pumpkins :)
Lovely Fungi
Birds Nest for Your Backyard Picnic
Bird Ornaments
Pumpkins in Various Sizes
Army of Gnomes
Easter Egg Ornaments
Carrot Ornaments


Hot Pink
Berry Elements
Feathery Glamorous
Lilly of the Valley
Matching Earrings to a Leopard Sweater
Set "Mimosa"
Set "Sea Moss"
Necklace "Maine Coast"
Set "Baltic Dreams"
Set "Red Sea Corals"
Necklace "Shapes" in Burnt by the Sun
Set "Birch Trees"
Necklace "Shapes" in Hot Red
Necklace "Molecules" in Vintage Pink

Play Food

Pie Madness
All About Bread
Food that defines you
Raviolis, please!
Real (almost) Cake Pops!
Chocolate chips cookies for choco lovers.
Feeling citrusy
Abundance is not what we receive but what we give.
Donuts for every taste.
More s'mores!
Sweeeeeet! 🍮 🍨 🍰
Sugar overload.
Veggies year round
10" pizza pie for little hands
The only raw here is unprocessed sheep wool

Play Sets

Set "Woodland"
Set "Veggie Garden"
Mushrooms - Set of 10
Set "Sushi"
Set "Squirrel Foraging Mushrooms"
Set "Petite Fours" - 9 count
Set "Colorful Mushrooms" - 10 count
Set "Beehive with Bees"
Set "Cupcakes" - 1/2 dozen
Set "Barnyard Birds"
Set "Antarctica"
Set "Pizza Pie"
Set "Nativity Scene"
Set "Mini Fruits & Veggies"
Counting Set "Lady Bugs"


This little piggy went to market...
Bring on pirates and knights.  Arrr!
Somewhere at the Northpole
Huray to the World Turtle Day!
Where fairies live...
Owl Love You
Sweet Li'l Angel
The Most Precious Cake
This is how imaginary play looks like.
Giraffes in Fun Colors
A Bunny and a Flower
Maneechka Dolls
The World's Largest Toadstool.
Baby Mobile