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  • Felting Technique
    Having been felting for over ten years, Mia has developed her own density technique for 3D felted objects, that creates an even and firm texture. The texture is best described to be of a stuffed toy, though the 3D object is solely made of wool fiber. The technique ensures high quality felted items that last for many years.
  • Materials
    Mia processes core wool herself which she procures from a local organic farm. After skirting the fleece, it goes through a hand-wash process that takes a soak, several rinses, thorough wash without harsh chemicals, and 3-7 days to air dry; and then a hand brush. This is the fleece used for batting/core. Dyed roving is procured from a local fiber shop in Portland, ME, as well as a small fiber company in New Hampshire that works with small pastoral communities and farms around the world. Mia works with over 100 colors of dyed wool -- it would be overwhelming to list all available color options! If you look for a specific color to customize your Fuzzy Lovie, email Mia at Chances are she will have it. Other elements that Mia occasionally uses in her work are all-natural materials such as drift wood, hemp cord, acorn caps, upcycled wool fabric.
  • Needle Felted Process
    All of Fuzzy Lovies creations you find in the shop are one-of-a-kind toys, educational materials, holiday ornaments, home decorations, and jewelry -- all handmade by fiber artist Mia -- through a needle-felting process in which loose wool is shaped by stabbing a barbed needle repeatedly until the wool/fleece mattes together into solid felt. Each piece takes anywhere from 15 minutes (for simpler designs) to several hours to make. There is no template, machinery or any other shortcut to the needle-felting process. Each design has a unique detail that in some way inspires Mia or tells a story about her life, a specific memory, or connection.
  • Non-stitch Construction Method
    Fuzzy Lovies are sculped with various techniques that felt limbs and other various parts securely without a need for stitching or gluing. Felted-in pieces make a finished product essentially indestructible.
  • Packaging
    Mindfulness and care for the environment is considered in every step of the Fuzzy Lovies' making, including minimal and safe packaging. Each Fuzzy Lovie is packed in a simple carton box or fabric bag.
  • Allergies and Fuzzy Lovies
    Some people may develop allergic reaction to wool fibers. If you have had an allergic reaction to wool in the past or suspect you may be sensitive or allergic, Fuzzy Lovies may not be for you.
  • Care for your Fuzzy Lovies
    Spot cleaning with warm soapy water and airdrying is recommended. A fuzzy's original shape can be compromised if immersed into water or put into a dryer.
  • Educational
    With an exception of jewelry, Fuzzy Lovies are open-ended items with interchangeable uses: from decorations to playthings; ornaments to educational acitivities. Many of the fuzzies can be used for scensory and imaginary play, counting, shape and color recongition / matching, storytelling, and basic Math activities.
  • Fuzzy Lovies Playthings
    The open-ended fuzzy playthings in the Fuzzy Lovies on-line store will be your children's play companions for years. As your children grow, the role of the fuzzies will evolve. A ladybug might become your child's friend, an insect to count, a dollhouse decoration, and later - an ornament. To ensure years of play, the fuzzies are intended to be gently cared for. Care for these playthings is simple: play gently and spotclean with warm soapy water and air dry.
  • Limited Edition
    Many Fuzzy Lovies are created in small quantities, but fuzzies in the Limited Edition section are extra special - because they come in quantity of one. They are artistic pieces and usually take much longer (think hours, days, or weeks) to make. For that reason Limited Edition designs are usually not offered in multiple quantities, though custom orders are always welcome.
  • Moth and Wool
    If there are no concerns of moth in your household, Fuzzy Lovies don't need special care for storage. Otherwise, here are some tips for keeping moth away from your fuzzies: -- Store your fuzzies in a space that has some daily light (moth tends to gravitate towards dark spaces); -- You can store your fuzzies in an air-tight container or an environmentally friendly zip lock bag. Do open the container / bag every couple of months for the wool to breathe. -- Wet a cotton ball or two (alternatives can be a papertowel sheet or a small piece of fabric) in all natural / organic lavender or cedarwood essential oil and store it with your fuzzies.
  • Open-Ended Playthings
    Open-ended playthings can be used in a variety of ways depending on the children, the day, their imagination, and desire. Such opjects foster play, creativity, and imagination, as well as encourage children to problem-solve and explore the world around them, thus providing many opportunities for learning.
  • Why Fuzzy Lovies?
    - SPECIAL - handcrafted with love in Maine - UNIQUE - each Fuzzy Lovie is made by hand from Mia's own designs - ECO-FRIENDLY and NATURAL - made from 100% wool - HIGH QUALITY - once wool fibers are felted densely, it's almost impossible to pull a 3D felted object apart. And Fuzzy Lovies are created in the dense technique to achieve the firm texture. - CONNECTION - to the earth and the past. Felt is a 7,000-year-old textile that goes back to 5,000 B.C. It is the connection to the ancient tradition that makes felting meaningful for Mia, and that her work can be shared and enjoyed by many families in the present. The sustainable practices that Mia employs in her work maintain the true connection to the earth.
  • Branded items
    Requests for wholesale branded content may be considered if the buyer holds license/proper permits to such content. Please send your inquiry to
  • Consignment / Wholesale
    At this time Mia doesn't participate in consignment agreements. If there is interest in wholesale, please refer to the "SHOP" / Wholesale section of the website for further information.
  • Corporate Gifts
    A gallery of corporate gifts is available in a drop-down menu under "SHOP". Pricing is determined on a quantity ordered. Please send your inquiry to Requests for customization of current inventory and custom designs are welcome.
  • Direct Buy
    Fuzzy Lovies can be bought directly from the on-line shop on this website or Etsy ( For desired designs not found in the stores, please email your wish list to . Custom orders and personalization of existing designs are welcome. You can also find a Fuzzy Lovies booth at the Yarmouth Farmers' Market in the summer and at a few holiday fairs in the fall. Dates and locations will be posted in the "CLASSES " section of this website.
  • Pet Potraits
    At this time Mia is not accepting requests for pet portraits, though would gladly recommend other local artists with a focus on wool paintings and pet portraits.
  • Eco Friendly
    What makes Fuzzy Lovies eco-friendly? In every step of the Fuzzy Lovie making process, Mia uses natural materials sourced from small businesses with sustainable practices. All Fuzzy Lovies are made of sheep wool, a renewable material. In addition, packaging used for all fuzzies is unbleached carton boxes and fabric bags. Shipping boxes in good condition are often re-used to give it a second life.
  • Custom Orders
    Custom orders for your own special 3D felted objects or simply different sizes or colors of the items listed in the Fuzzy Lovies on-line shop are welcome. Please email your inquiry to
  • Production and Shipping Times
    Please note that Fuzzy Lovies are a made-to-order studio. Our standard shipping times are 1-3 weeks. Though depending on a size of your order, items might be shipped sooner. If you need priority processing, please inquire by sending details of your order to felties@hotmail.comBEFORE placing your order.
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