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The Violet Protest

"The Violet Protest is a public effort to send 50 hand-made ​textile squares to each and every member of Congress ​in support of these core American values:

​• Respect for the other • Citizenship   

• Compromise 

•  Country over party and corporate influence
• Courage     • Candor    • Compassion   

• Creativity

​This collection of textile squares will be first displayed at Phoenix Art Museum, in the Spring of 2021, before they are sent to the new ​117th Congress by late 2021.

Focused on the values we hold dear as Americans, rather ​than any political beliefs, the color violet symbolizes the literal combination of red and blue, long held as symbols of our nation's differing ideologies. Our common goal is to send a physical message of friendly protest through this colossal visual expression to demonstrate that if we as citizens are ​willing ​to come together, so then must our elected officials."

FMI: visit www.violetprotest.com

Photos: Mia's squares for the Violet Protest



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