I've been asked time and again why I felt only mussel shells.  After all I live in Maine. I was recently asked again about oyster shells and sand dollars. This time I gave in and made a few designs incorporating beautiful luxury fibers.



    I invite you to preserve memories of perfect Maine summers with this ornament. Add this shell as a beautiful touch to your holiday tree, living room, or wreath. It also makes a meaningful gift for a nature lover.


    This shell is of a real size, measuring 3.5"-3.75" in height. The shell is finished with several types of silk fibers to create texture and radiant effect. It's made with needle felting and nuno (wet) felting techniques. Comes on a durable hemp cord in a natural color.



    "Textured Pearl" Oyster Shell Ornament

    • Spot clean with warm soapy water and air dry.