This design was born during the COVID lockdown in April 2020. There was scarcity of certain foods in stores; we had to get in line and often wait for a couple of days for grocery deliveries; and the only fruits in abundance during the lockdown were citrus.  Orange slices became my metaphor for well-being.


Felting brings me so much joy and positive energy which are my key factors for well-being. When I think back of the lockdown times, the citrus fruit (oranges, limes, lemons) bring up memories of hope that we would persevere. 



The handmade orange slice ornament will make a beautiful and unique gift, or a Christmas ornament. Diameter size is varies between 2" and 2.5". Detailed on both sides. Comes on a durable hemp cord. Each ornament is sold individually.

"Orange Slice" Ornament

SKU: 00092
  • Spot clean with warm soapy water and air dry.