Everywhere I travel, I pick up a few (an understatement) shells on my peaceful beach walks.  I have treasures from the Pacific and Atlantic oceans; Mediterrean, Baltic, Red, Dead, Black, and Carribean Seas. I'm only connected to the shells through my experience, though each has a story I won't ever know.


    I'm fascinated by the curvy and intricate lines of the mussel shells I foraged on the Maine coast, and its balanced composition of peaceful colors. I created the simple and elegant (in my humble opinion) necklace to enjoy the Coastal Maine beauty year around.



    Perfect as a keepsake for preserving memories of Maine summers or as a gift for nature lovers, it is a beautiful item to enjoy. Handmade via a needle-felted process from 7 colors and blends of locally sourced sheep wool, the shell is of a real size, measuring 2.5"-3.5" in height for a necklace and approximately 1.25" h x 1" w for each earring.


    The necklace comes on a gray jewelry flex cord with a magnetic clasp. The cord is approximately 18" long but can be customized. The magnetic clasp can be substituted with a sliver one. Price for the substitution may vary slightly - please contact Mia at felties@hotmail.com for a quote before placing your order.

    Maine Mussel Shell Jewelry