I’ve never baked a pie, but I can felt one from wool. Unlike Salvador Dali (who intentionally would fall asleep with a spoon in his mouth and a plate positioned below it, wake up during a transition to a REM sleep, and start painting the images that were fresh in his mind), the pie idea came to me out of nowhere during my nap on a warm summer day.  There was no story that I can remember -- just a felted pie that popped up in my head. I woke up from the dream and proceeded to felt a 16" diameter piece.



    The realistic looking, solid felt pie is a lovely decoration for your table at Thanksgiving or any other occasion. It also makes a perfect conversation piece for your coffee table or a housewarming gift. All carb-, fat-, and guilt-free! The non-stitch, non-glue construction makes it easy to handle for little hands as play food.

    Maine Blueberry Pie

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