In the last year I have been incorporating nuno (wet) felting techniques with my work hence creation of the wet-felted mushrooms.



    Sold individually. Suitable for ornaments, as decorations, or child's play. Two of these mushrooms happen to be toxic - more of a reason to handle the felted ones. In the cover photo - from left to right: panther cap (Amanita Pantherina), poor man's slippery Jack (Suillus tomentosus), and hedgehog mushroom (Hydnum repandum).


    The mushrooms measure as follows:

    panther cap - 5" tall; cap - 3.25" in diameter

    poor man's slippery Jack - 4" tall; cap - 3.75" in diameter

    hedgehog mushroom - 4.5" tall; cap - 4.75" in diameter


    Made of 3 types of high quality wool through needle felting and nuno (wet) felting techniques. These mushrooms don't come on a string. Please select an option for hemp cord.


    Only one of each type is available.


    Large Mushroom

    • Spot clean with warm soapy water and air dry.