One of my childhood memories hanging out with my grandfather (who was a Physics teacher and later before retirement - a Middle School Director) was fishing.  I made my first rod from a curvy tree branch and fishing line. My grandfather tied a real hook to it. I don't think I caught any fish, though at four years old, hanging out with my grandfather, digging for worms, listening to chirping birds, and pretending to be a fishergirl was an absolute delight.


    Why herring design?  Atlantic herring is one of the most common fishes in the Gulf of Maine.  A felted herring is a perfect Maine keepsake.



    I invite you to preserve memories of perfect Maine summers with this ornament. Add this shell as a beautiful touch to your holiday tree, living room, or wreath. It also makes a meaningful gift for a nature lover.


    The herring comes in two sizes: large and small. The large is 6.5"- 6.75" long; 1.5"-1.75" tall. The small one is 4.5"-4.75" long; 1.25"-1.5" tall. It's made with needle felting and nuno (wet) felting techniques from high quality wool. Can be strung as an ornament on durable hemp cord. The cord can be attached to the herring's mouth or center spine.




    SKU: 000136
    • Spot clean with warm soapy water and air dry.