One pet that I grew a special bond with in my childhood was a beautiful Pavlovskaya hen, an ornamental breed with a friendly disposition. The hen never left my sight from the first day it arrived to our home, and soon enough we became friends. I'd carry it everywhere. What a gift it was to have such a fun and loyal pal by my side.


    When I thought of creating a life size felted animal or bird, I instantly thought of my hen. A felted hen can be a perfect companion for a child or suitable decorative sculpture for a home.


    I first densed a large pile of organic core wool to create a 3D core shape. I attached a crest, beak, tail, and wings, and then covered it in wool used primarily for nuno (wet) felting. After a thorough "wash" with a handful of nuno felting techniques, a couple of hours later the white hen was sculpted and ready to dry. I needled felted a nest and wet-felted eggs to complete the set.




    This is an artistic piece that is also functional. The hen measures 13" across from the beak to the tail end. It is approximately 7.5" tall (to the top of the crest) and 5" wide. The hen is made with a variety of needle- and nuno-felting techniques.  It is a solid 100% wool felted sculpture.


    Only one available.


    "Hen in a Nest" - Set

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    • Spot clean with warm soapy water and air dry.

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