Baby chicks and ducklings appeared routinely in my home. Almost everyone I knew in our small town grew their own vegetables and fruit and raised chickens and ducks. The baby chicks and ducklings were my cute furry pets I would care for and play with for hours daily. Who needs toys? ;)


    Every time I felt soft chicks from wool, I transform myself into happy childhood memories.



    This soft little chick is a beautiful addition to spring decor, Easter basket, or child's play.


    It is a size of a real baby chick (measures 2.75" l x 2" h x 1.5" w) and is made from 100% high quality wool with non-stitch construction. It comes with two egg halves (each is 2.25" in diameter). One half of the egg has a "cracked" edge. The chick is made with several needle-felted techniques; and the egg -- through a nuno (wet-felting) process.

    Easter Chick in a Felted Egg

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    • Spot clean with warm soapy water and air dry.

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