One of the traditions I remember from my childhood is about beautiful bouquets of flowers that every student in our school brought for his/her teacher on the first day of school. Come spring, I planted flowers with my granny and watch them grow in upcoming months. Though my granny's flower garden was nothing in comparison with our neighbor's wide selection of colorful roses, dahlias, asters, gladioluses - to name a few. Occasionally I helped our neighbor too to tend to her flowers and in exchange she would offer me to make as big a bouquet with as many flowers as I wanted for the first day of school.


    "What does a gray bunny have to do with the flower story?", you may ask. The neighbor also had gray bunnies that I'd feed and play with while caring for the neighbor's flowers. Bunnies and flowers -- a happy pairing.



    This special bunny is looking for a play companion and loving home. He's handmade through nuno-felting process and non-stitch construction. He's wearing a merino scarf and carries a small white bucket with four flowers (a daisy, echinacea, tulip, and daffodil).


    Only one available.



    Easter Bunny - gray

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    • Spot clean with warm soapy water and air dry.

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