• This solid wool wreath adds a beautiful touch to your front door year around. 

    The wreath measures 11" in diameter. The core is made from locally-sourced organic wool and then finished with a blend of green wool and 10% mohair (the blend is an exclusive color from a small fiber company in New England). There are absolutely no fillers in the wreath. It is solid felted wool throughout.

    A 4-foot durable hemp cord  is included for hanging the wreath.

    Wreath "Birds on a Birch Tree"

    SKU: 00021
    • Helpful to know:

      -- Indoor use is preferred. For outdoors, the wreath can be displayed in well protected areas away from direct sunlight or moisture.
      -- If the wreath gets wet, air dry it on a warm surface such as a radiator cover or outside on a sunny day.
      -- DO NOT dry the wreath in a drier as it would shrink and loose its shape.
      -- Spot clean recommended.
      -- For decoration only. Not a toy.

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