• Where Arctic meets Antarctica -- in this handmade, educational "Winter Wonderland" play set. This set is not only for pretend/imaginary play and storytelling, but is also perfect as a display at home, school, store, library, museum, or any other public place. The completely hand-crafted process takes several hours from making a seating pose of a baby polar bear holding a fish (the fish is removable) to other realistic details such as a polar bear's neck creases and an indent on the male Emperor penguin's pouch to hold a chick between its feet.


    The set includes realistic models of 3 Emperor penguins (an adult penguin, a young one, and a chick); 3 polar bears (a parent, a young polar bear, and a baby); 6 fishes (3 in gray and 3 in salmon color with gray fins and other details); an iceberg (as a free standing piece); 12 snow rocks; a fluffy piece of white sheep wool (for imitation of snow); and a large white play mat with a patch of turquoise "water" -- 26 pieces in total.

    "Winter Wonderland" Play Set

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    • Spot clean with warm soapy water and air dry.

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